I paint and create figurative compositions and abstract pieces  based mainly on the world of the sea. The ocean is an essential part of my existence. Boats, sailboats, rocks and elements that can be found in the nautical environment.  Capes, sails, moorings, … are elements represented repeatedly in my pictorial work. In recent years I have added my protest part, also painting the pollution of the sea. I work with a greater abstraction and I experiment a freer painting.

I like to approach my subjects from a stylistic diversity, which manifests itself in the different collections that I present. I need to express myself in many different ways and to experiment with new forms of communication. It could be said that I have  very versatile art and, at the same time, a strong artistic personality. As for materials, I use oils, acrylics and mixed media. Lately I have been working with collages and textures. Whoever knows me thinks about the color blue, although I also use orange and White quite often. I work with a spatula, with brushes and sometimes just my hands.

My painting is the result of experiences of observation, abstraction and meditation. This process inspires me and creates the need to capture my calm vision of the environment, which I then transmit to others, bringing a sense of interest and peace to the viewer, who also needs those moments. At the same time, I would like to be a call to preserve the oceans, our Mediterranean and our seafaring culture, which is the greatest wealth of my native land, because of what it contributes spiritually and unquestionably, as well as economically, although many do not realize that. We must take care of the environment and traditions and value what we still have in order to preserve it.


Training in Fine Arts

Artistic Drawing at School of Arts and Crafts in Palma de Mallorca. Spain.

Advertising Graphics design course. E-Bit. Palma de Mallorca.

Oil painting workshops with painter Maria Mas.

Oil painting workshops with the painter Herreros.

Course abstract art with artist Descastelli.

Engraving course with Marcos Vidal. Ses Voltes. Palma de Mallorca.

Mixed technique and watercolor wokshop by Margarita Forteza.

Stained glass window workshop by Pia Berthole.

Individual exposures

2021″S.O.S. Save the sea” Agora Portals. Calvia

2020″Viaje por la calma” H. Saratoga. Palma

2019 “Velas de Tela”  Aina Pastor Art Gallery. Palma.

2018 “S.O.S. Salvemos el mar” Alma Vintage, Palma.

2017  “Soltando amarras” Africa Juan Art Estudio, Santa Ponsa. Calviá.

2013  “Marinas y Siluetas” Hotel Bendinat. Portals Nous. Calviá.

2012  “Siluetas”. Solo exhibition. Calvia Town Hall.

2010  Exhibition-collaboration Fiestas C. D’en Blanes. Exhibitions Hall C. D’en Blanes. Calvia.

2009  Solo exhibition Hall Art Calvia.  Casino de Mallorca.

2009  Solo exhibition at the Art Gallery  Masters Art Galleries Palma de Mallorca.

2007  Solo exhibition. Room Opening  A.V. Costa D’en Blanes. Calvia.

2007  Solo exhibition Cartuja de Valldemossa.  Valldemossa. Mallorca.

2007  Solo exhibition Hall Art Calvia.  Casino de Malllorca. Calvia.

2006  Solo exhibition at the Hotel Ciutat Jardi.  Palma de Mallorca.

Collective exhibitions

2021  “S.O.S. Salvemos el mar” (S.O.S. Save the sea) and two artistic painting projects more as winners of the Calvia City Council Call. Calvia Council Exhibition Hall. Calviá. Mallorca.

2019  “Spring Color Exhibition” in  Galería de Arte Javier Román. Málaga.

2019  “Estira’t i arribaràs més juny” Fundación Sa Nostra. Palma de Mallorca. (from Mai 30 to Juny 14) Organized by Sport Medicine Departament of Consell de  Mallorca. Curated art exhibition by Xisco Barceló and Tito López.

2019  Paris Art Fair. (from April 11 to 14) Porte de Versalles. Hall 5 Paris

2018  “¡Eh Hombre!, soy la tierra” Caixa Foum. Palma de Mallorca (19-25 Oct) Curated art exhibition by Xisco Barceló and Tito López.

2018  “Islandarte” I Bienal Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo en Palma.

2018  “Edsvik Art Fair 2018” in Edsvik Konsthall Gallery in Stockholm (Sweden)

2018  “Passion Baleart” in artgallery Edsvik Konsthall  in Stockholm (Sweden)

2018  “El universo es el corazón” (Universe is heart). Fundación Sa Nostra in Palma de Mallorca. Curated art exhibition by Xisco Barceló and Tito López.

2017  “Nit de l’Art de Palma 2017” (Night of Art)  Palma de Mallorca.

2017  “JoanArt Calvià 2017”  Calviá Town Hall.

2017  “Con sabor a mar” (solo exhibition within collective  with Gisela Hammer, Max Cantrell, Junji Fuseya and Yolanda Rodríguez)

2017  “Affordable Art Fair Milan” (Italy).

2016  “Nit de l’Art  Palma 2016”: “Nit de les Arts” by Arte Vision in Nuevo Pueblo Español. Palma.

2016  Exhibition with Bettina Westerheide and Llucia Mundet in Hotel Bendinat, organized by Arte Vision. Bendinat. Calviá. Mallorca.

2015  “Gran fiesta del Arte” (Great Art Party) Pueblo Español. Palma de Mallorca.

2015  “Nit de l’Art de S’Arracó”. Andratx.

2015  “Diada de les Illes Balears” exhibition. Sponsored  by Palma Town Hall. Mallorca.

2014  Nit de l’Art de Palma 2014 Arte Visión. Palma.

2014  Nit de l’Art de S’Arracó. Andratx.

2014  “Summer Collective” G. Art Gallery. Madrid.

2014  International Art Fair “ART OF THE PROM”. Nize. France.

2014  “Santa Catalina Cultural 2014” Event. Teatro Mar y Tierra.  Palma Town Hall.

2014  “Diada de les Illes Balears” exhibition. Carpa S’Hort del Rei. Palma de Mallorca.

2013  Nit de l’Art de Palma 2013 Arte Visión. Plaza Mayor. Palma de Mallorca.

2013  “Santa Catalina cultural”. Teatro Mar y tierra Organized by Arte Vision  in collaboration Palma de Mallorca Town Hall.

2013  “Cadiart 2013” Artá. Mallorca.

2012  Calvia Art Group exhibition. Calvia Town Hall.

2012  “Nit de l’Art de Palma 2012” Arte Visión. Plaza Mayor. Palma de Mallorca.

2011  “Autumn Collective”. G. Art Gallery. Madrid.

2011  “Nit de l’Art de Palma 2011”. Arte Vision. Plaza del Mercat. Palma de Mallorca.

2011  Participation in the “International Art Fair ARTI 11”  The Hague. Netherlands.

2011  Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture, with the sculptors Toni De La Mata and Luis López. Organized by Arte Vision Illes Balears.  Club de Vela Puerto de Andratx. Mallorca.

2011 “Summer Collective”. G. Art Gallery. Madrid.

2011  Participation 6 works in the International Art Fair “Affordable Art Fair” in Amsterdam.  Netherlands.

2011  Art exhibition organizad by Puerto Portals and Arte Vision collaboration. Puerto Portals. Calvia. Mallorca.

2011  “Selected Works Exhibition 2011” Painting Competition Vila Ses Salines. Mallorca

2011  Exhibition IV International Fast Painting Trobada Calvia. Casal de Paguera. Calvia.

2011  Artist Exhibition “Art Calvia”. Casino de Mallorca. Calvia.

2010  Annual Exhibition “Art Calvia”.  Calvia Town Hall. Calvia. Mallorca.

2010  “Nit de l’Art de Palma 2010”  Arte Vision.  Plaza del Mercat. Palma de Mallorca.

2010  Exhibition “ III International Fast Painting”  Trobada Calviá. Casal de Paguera. Calvia.

2010  “Marinas y Horizontes” Exhibition with the german Claus Busch. Cartuja de Valldemossa.  Valldemossa. Mallorca.

2009  “Nit de l’Art de Palma 2009”

2009  “Art Infant” Asoc. Rana y Arte Vision Illes Balears. Plaza del Mercat. Palma de Mallorca.

2009  “Art Infant” Asoc. Rana y Arte Vision Illes Balears. Campos. Mallorca.

2009  “I Fast Painting Competition Juan García Orell”  Selecte Works Exhibition. Palma Town Hall.

2009  Exhibition “Trofeo Almirante Conde de Barcelona”  Paseo Marítimo. Palma de Mallorca.

2009  Exhibition “Art and Sea”  summer 09. Arte Vision. Club Alcudia Mar. Puerto de Alcudia. Mallorca.

2009  Exhibition “Art and Sea” summer 09. Arte Vision.  Club Náutico de Pollensa. Mallorca.

2009  International Exhibition II Trobada Pintores Calvia” Casal de Paguera. Calvia. Mallorca.

2008  Calvia Art Group Exhibition. Calvia Town Hall. Calvia. Mallorca.

2008  Selected Works Exhibition. VI Paiting Competition Vila de Ses Salines. Mallorca.

2007  Calvia Art Group Exhibition. Calvia Town Hall. Calvia. Mallorca.

2007  Exhibition “Trofeo Almirante Conde de Barcelona” Paseo Marítimo. Palma de Mallorca.

2007  Exhibitions in Calvia. Mallorca.

2006  Exhibitions in Calvia. Mallorca.

2005  Exhibitions in Calvia. Mallorca.

2004  Exhibitions in Calvia. Mallorca.


2015  Cover and backcover of the Doctoral Thesis 2015 “Clinical and nutriotional aspects of intolerante to  histamine in pediatric patients with chronic digestive  symptomatology” by Antonio Rosell Camps.

2011  Work selected for Arte Vision Calendar 2012.

2011  Work shown in the video of the Palma “Nit de l’Art 2011” in www.mallorcaquality.com , entitled “Blue Kiss”

2011  Work donated to the Rotary Club raffle to Benefit AECC in the Balearics (Cancer Association).

2011  Work selected “IX Vila Ses Salines Painting Contest”. Mallorca.

2011  New mural of 2,5 x 40 m. In the CP Migjorn. Bendinat. Mallorca.

2011  Advertising painting  for Gutysport FTIB 2011 International Tournament.

2010  Work selected for Arte Vision Calendar 2011.

2010  Illustrations in the “Treaty of Gastroenterology, Hepathology and Pediatric Nutrition Applied SEGHNP”, Pages 382 and 383.

2010  “Art and Wine Route” Arte Vision Illes Balears.

2010  Work selected for “Nit e l’Art  Palma Pictures 2010” in www.mallorcaquality.com . The first, entitled “Marine Seduction”

2010  Poster for International tournament “IV Calvia Open” Tennis Europe.

2010  “50th Anniversary Gala AECC Baleares” (Cancer Asociation): Donation of a painting for raffle.

2009  Author of the advertising painting “III Calvia Open” Tennis Europe 2009. Tennis Federation of the Balearic Islands.

2009  Author Gutysport logo Tennis Club Calvia.

2009  Selected work “I Fast Painting Contest Juan García Orell” Palma de Mallorca.

2009  Author of poster painted for  “Gutysport International Tournament”.

2008  Selected Work “IV Certamen V. Ses Salines”.

2007  Author of the advertising painting for the “II Calvia Open” Tennis Europe 2008.

2006  Author of the paintings that appear in two posters of the Tennis Federation of the Balearic Islands, on the occasion of the “XIX Junior Circuit Balearic Islands” and the “International Tournament “Open  Calvia” 2007.

2005  Child-themed Mural 16 x 2.70 m. On wall in the state school Migjorn Bendinat. Participation in International Art Fairs

2019  “PARIS ART FAIR” Paris. France.

2018 “EDSVIK ART FAIR” Stockholm. Sweden.

2017  “AFFORDABLE ART FAIR” Milano. Italy.

2014  “ART OF THE PROM” Nice. France

2011  “ARTI 11”  The Hague. Netherlands


Useful information

Website:  www.africajuan.com,  in several languages.

On speak english, german and spanish.

Also in Facebook and Instagram.

Art Studio in  Santa Ponça. Calviá. Majorca. Balearic Islands. Spain