Letting go of ties

“Soltando amarras” (Letting go of ties)

The exhibition Soltando amarras bring together a selection of pieces by the mallorcan artist Africa Juan. It represents a reunion with her work in its first stage, and a Discovery of her current formal renovation, new channels of artistic communications, renewed brushwork and a new look. The title of the exhibition is also the title of one of her most successful painting Soltando amarras, and sums up her current vision of art, with its Simplicity of form, changing the focus onto the subject, bringing it closer theme and converting a corroded bollard into a metaphorical message. In shott, a freer style of painting.

Light and colour immersed in nature and linked to the sea, Africa Juan approaches the landscape tradition of the island with her chosen subjects, her conception of intense light, with a living and passionate chromatic palette of pure and bright colours, pushing to the maximum the expresive qualities of blue and white. However, on occasions the landscape calms down touching on symbolism as in her painting Meditación (Meditation) where the gradations of colour are reflected in subtle cadence.

Tecknically the artista has managed to Discovery the secrets of oil, the distribtion o pigmennts on the canvas, tonal relationships, and the combination with other techniques such as collage of accentuated volumetry.

As we have said before, Africa is on a solid and accurate artistic journey, searching for pictorial maturity and investigating artistic paths in what she knows is a long creative process tha may never reach its end.